About us

Amandeep Singh Dhaliwal | Principal Migration Agent

MARN No: 1801734

The Immigration Company is the brainchild of and is lead by our Director; Amandeep Singh Dhaliwal.

The foundations of our success are simple – be Knowledgeable about Migration law, be Practical in your approach and be Ethical in your dealings.

We do understand how complex and time-consuming Australian migration framework can be for people wanting to move, live and work in Australia.

We guide you through the entire Visa application process and help you prepare all documents and submissions required. We ensure that all documents meet requirements before we lodge your application. We will represent you from start and until a decision is made on your application.

We are your Migration Partner. We will provide you with a strategic and personalized service that is aligned with your goals and circumstances.

We are constantly on standby for you throughout your application for any questions you may have. As obtaining a visa can be a long process and there can be times where things may take an unexpected turn, we will be standing beside you to guide you through.