Assessments are backbone of entire visa process. Being responsible Australian Migration Agent, we at Aussizz give very much importance to this stage. Much deliberation and thorough reality check go into assessment of your visas.

Visa Services

This accounts for actual visa process. It takes place right after satisfactory assessment and counseling. It involves filling up each application diligently and submitting every document carefully as required by the Immigration Department.


Before going ahead with actual visa processing, we prefer to have one-to-one consultations with our visa applicants. Our personal consultations with you help us identify your core area that matches up to the specific visas in Australia.

Other Services

We are not just confined to providing visa services. Immigration is more than just procuring a suitable visa. Aussizz also provides other services such as pick up services and accommodation on charge. We also endeavor to acquaint you with rules of settling and studying in Australia.

Family Visa
  • Partner
  • Parent
  • Child
  • Other Family Options
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Worker Visa
  • Temporary Sponsored (457)
  • Perm. Sponsored (186/187)
  • Temporary Work
  • Skills Select
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Business Visa
  • 188 Temporary Business Innovation and Investment Visa
  • 888 Permanent Business Innovation and Investment Visa
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Student Visa
  • Temporary Graduate
  • Student Guardians
  • Assessment Levels
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Other Visa Options
  • Retirement Visa
  • Refugee Visa
  • Visitor Visa
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Decision Review
  • Migration Review Tribunal
  • Refugee Review Tribunal
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal
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